Focus On Your Best Customers

The secret ingredient to a sustainable enterprise is called Brand Lovers: 

The customers who love you the most. Brand Lovers emotionally connect with what you do and want to celebrate who you are. 

Their connection with your brand is so strong that they often do not consider doing business with anyone else. Apple’s Mac users, for example, do not consider purchasing a PC. To them, there is no alternative.

At the very least, your Brand Lovers choose you more often than your competitors. 

For many companies, their best customers drive a significant part of their profitability through purchasing and acting as evangelists to convert others into customers—yet the business generally knows very little about them. 

Primary market research does not offer insights into your best customers. 

Emotional connections to your brand are the drivers of choice for your best customers.

Certain brands have a legion of Brand Lovers – Cult Brands. 

In a Cult Brand like Apple, CEO Steve Jobs knew he was selling a unique, intelligent, creative, and memorable way of life—he was not just selling computers, digital music players, and mobile phones. 

Oprah became a Cult Brand by being more than just another talk show host: 

Genuine, honest, and loving. 

Oprah radiates hope and the promise of a better tomorrow.

What do your best customers help you focus on? 

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