Life is good.

By Chief Executive Optimist of The Life is good Company Bert Jacobs

I met BJ 3 years ago at a business conference in Chicago. He led a group of 25 or so CEO’s through a workshop. When the session was over, he and I went out for a few beers at a local dive bar. We had some good laughs and a meandering, yet riveting conversation. I found it refreshing that he didn’t need to tell me about his accomplishments. I meet interesting people in my travels all the time, and I am sometimes the type that connects instantly, but this was different. Midway through our conversation, it became apparent to me that BJ and I would be friends for the rest of our lives. Continue Reading

Fine Tune Your Cult Brand

I have observed and quantified the phenomenon of Cult Brands since 2001, and Crown Business published these findings in 2002. One thing that I quickly learned is that Cult Brands have mastered the art of building meaningful, long-term relationships with their customers. Continue Reading

Ten Countries and $200 Billion Later…

By the former Chief Marketing Officer of Walmart, Paul Higham

I suspect that most 13-year-olds are curious about their future—I know I was. One day, my mother brought home a little black and yellow hard-backed book called Careers (I’m not entirely sure of the title, as this was nearly 50 years ago). I found a quiet place and devoured the book. Continue Reading

Happy Employees, Happy Profits


“I have often blamed you in my mind for treating this or that person differently and reacting to this or that situation differently from how I would have; and yet the outcome usually showed you were right. ‘If we just take people as they are,’ you once said, ‘we make them worse; but if we treat them not as they are but as they should be, we help them to become what they can become.’”

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How To Think Like a Business Genius


Salviati: Now you see how easy it is to understand.

Sagrego: So are all truths, once they are discovered; the point is in being able to discover them.

— Galileo Galilei, Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems

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