Putting Archetypes to Work in Your Organization

How do you put archetypes to work?

Start at the center.

The center is unique for each organization.

Your strengths hint at it.

Your organization’s passions point you in the right direction.

The forces that drive your customers to do business with you provide invaluable clues.

This center should be expressed in your ultimate vision, your core values, and the language of your corporate culture.

How will you know when you’ve found your center?

Your heart will awaken.

Your employees will come together as teams. Innovation will increase by the passions of the men and women guided by archetypal forces deep within them. Your stakeholders will observe it. Your customers will hear the call to adventure.

Remember: the more archetypal, the more essential, and the more human your center is, the more cohesive your organization will become. And, the more easily you’ll attract customers who want to join forces with you.


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