How to Take Your Employees on a Heroic Quest

Leaders constantly search for ways to inspire and engage their teams in today’s dynamic business environment. One practical approach is to take your employees on a heroic quest, transforming their work experience into a journey of growth, purpose, and achievement. This concept, rooted in the insights of Abraham Maslow and Joseph Campbell, can be exemplified by the leadership style of Kevin Pidgeon, President of The Wellings.

The Hero’s Journey: A Framework for Leadership

Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” outlines the archetypal hero’s journey, a narrative structure that can be applied to personal and professional development. The journey consists of several stages: the call to adventure, crossing the threshold, trials and tribulations, and returning with newfound wisdom. Leaders can guide their teams through these stages, creating a sense of purpose and belonging.

Similarly, Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs provides a roadmap for fulfilling employees’ fundamental requirements, from basic physiological needs to the pinnacle of self-actualization. By addressing these needs, leaders can foster an environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and capable of reaching their full potential.

Kevin Pidgeon’s Approach: Leading with Care and Vision

President of The Wellings, Kevin Pidgeon, embodies these principles in his leadership approach. Every year, Kevin embarks on a journey to visit each Wellings property, engaging in meaningful conversations with members and staff. This hands-on approach allows him to create an environment of care and innovation where everyone feels heard and valued.

The Call to Adventure

Kevin’s call to adventure begins with a vision for The Wellings, emphasizing community, well-being, and innovation. He understands he must inspire his team to accomplish their heroic quests to realize this vision. Kevin sets the stage for a collective journey toward a shared goal by clearly communicating the company’s mission and values.

Crossing the Threshold

Kevin’s visits to each property represent the crossing of the threshold, where he steps out of the executive suite and into the everyday lives of his employees and members. Crossing boundaries fosters trust and demonstrates his commitment to the community’s well-being. It also gives him valuable insights into each location’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Trials and Tribulations

Kevin engages in open and honest conversations with staff and members during his visits. These interactions often reveal the trials and tribulations faced by the community. By actively listening and addressing concerns, Kevin helps his team navigate these challenges, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and innovation.

The Return with Newfound Wisdom

After his visits, Kevin returns with a deeper understanding of the Wellings community’s needs and aspirations. He shares this newfound wisdom with his team, incorporating their feedback into the company’s strategic vision. This collaborative approach ensures everyone is aligned and committed to the shared goal, fostering a sense of ownership and pride.

Creating an Environment of Care and Innovation

Kevin’s leadership style, rooted in empathy and collaboration, creates an environment where care and innovation thrive. He addresses his employees’ basic needs, laying the foundation for higher engagement and productivity. His approach aligns with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, ensuring employees feel secure, valued, and empowered to contribute their best work.

The Shared Vision

At the heart of Kevin’s leadership is a compelling shared vision. He brings his team together annually to share this vision, reinforcing the company’s mission and values. This annual gathering serves as a rallying point, reminding everyone of their collective purpose and inspiring them to continue their heroic quest.

Taking your employees on a heroic quest requires more than just strategic planning; it demands empathy, communication, and a genuine commitment to their well-being. 

By drawing on the insights of Joseph Campbell and Abraham Maslow, leaders like Kevin Pidgeon can create an environment where employees feel inspired to reach their full potential.

Kevin leads The Wellings community on a journey of growth, innovation, and collective achievement through regular engagement, open dialogue, and a shared vision.

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