“Don’t Be Afraid. You Can Do It.”

Steve Jobs, synonymous with innovation and determination, is often remembered for his unique ability to bend reality to his vision. 

This remarkable trait, frequently called a “reality distortion field,” draws inspiration from a Star Trek episode where aliens create a new world through sheer mental force. 

Steve Jobs had a peculiar but effective tactic when faced with skepticism or doubt about his ideas.

He would employ a technique he learned from a guru in India: 

staring intently at his colleagues without blinking, saying, 

“Don’t be afraid. You can do it.” 

This approach often succeeded in shifting their mindset from doubt to possibility.

Remember, the essence of the “Don’t be afraid. You can do it” mantra is not about denying reality but about seeing beyond current limitations to what could be possible. 

It’s a call to foster a mindset that encourages innovation, persistence, and the courage to face challenges head-on. 

Just as Steve Jobs used this approach to lead his teams to create groundbreaking products, your team can redefine what’s possible in your field.


Don’t be afraid. 

You can do it.

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