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Fine Tune Your Cult Brand

I have observed and quantified the phenomenon of Cult Brands since 2001, and Crown Business published these findings in 2002. One thing that I quickly learned is that Cult Brands have mastered the art of building meaningful, long-term relationships with their customers. Continue Reading

Ten Countries and $200 Billion Later…

By the former Chief Marketing Officer of Walmart, Paul Higham

I suspect that most 13-year-olds are curious about their future—I know I was. One day, my mother brought home a little black and yellow hard-backed book called Careers (I’m not entirely sure of the title, as this was nearly 50 years ago). I found a quiet place and devoured the book. Continue Reading

How To Think Like a Business Genius


Salviati: Now you see how easy it is to understand.

Sagrego: So are all truths, once they are discovered; the point is in being able to discover them.

— Galileo Galilei, Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems

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