What To Do When You’re Worn Out

Fostering a happy workplace Starts with cultivating optimism within yourself.

There are ways to change the tide and bring greater optimism and joy into your organization as well as your personal life.

Fostering a happy workplace starts by cultivating optimism within yourself.

Here are four effective strategies for developing positive personal psychology:

Be Mindful: Learn to pay attention to your mental and emotional state throughout the day. Negativity can creep up on us when we’re not aware of it. Once you enter a negative state, it’s easy to get stuck in it. The quicker you identify pessimism, the faster you can change it.

Challenge Your Beliefs: Once you recognize that you’re having negative thoughts, you can learn to dispute them. Use the well-documented method called the ABCDE model to debate negative beliefs that follow adversity. It can help you change your reactions from disempowering pessimistic views to more empowering proactive emotions.

Change Your State: The fastest way to transition from pessimism to optimism is to change your physiology. When you’re feeling down, move around. Play music that inspires you; music that gets you charged up. Move quickly and with power. Smile. Consciously uplifting your state repeatedly throughout the day can help condition yourself for continual success.

Cultivate Gratitude: Keeping a gratitude journal can make a measurable increase in your overall level of happiness. Think back over the past 24 hours before bed and write down five things you can be grateful for. Do it for 14 days and notice if you feel a change in your well being. Be Grateful.

We often encourage our clients to find time to renew and recharge and we hope you can do the same for your teams. It will energize them in ways that will reward your entire organization.

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