Serving Your Team Requires Scheduling, Not Open Doors

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So, we have all heard about that classic leadership move: 

The open door policy. 

It is like saying, “Hey, anytime you need me, just pop in!” It sounds super welcoming and chill, right? However, let us get real for a second. As much as we love the idea of being able to stroll into our boss’s office whenever it might not be the best way to get things done. 

Having scheduled times to chat could be a game-changer. 

Let us dive into why having a plan might be the more relaxed cousin of the open-door policy.

Why the Open Door Can Be a Bit of a Bummer

The open door aims to make bosses seem more approachable and make it easier for us to share ideas or concerns. However, here is the catch: 

It can lead to many interruptions and even a bit of chaos. 

Imagine trying to focus and constantly having folks come in with “just a quick question” (which is never quick). Plus, when we drop in on the fly, we might not be as prepared to have those big, important chats.

Why Planning Rocks

Setting up times to talk does more than just keep things organized. 

It makes our conversations way more meaningful. 

Here is why making plans is pretty awesome:

Getting Ready: When a meeting is scheduled, we arrive ready to dive deep. We have had time to think about what we want to say, which means we can get straight to the good stuff.

Time is Precious: By scheduling, we show that we respect each other’s time. It means we are making space for focused chats without random interruptions.

Making Things Matter: When planning our talks, we can ensure we hit the important topics, not just the urgent “fire drill” stuff that can often take over.

Shout-out to Our Remote Pals: An open door means little to those not in the office. Scheduled meetings ensure everyone, no matter where they are, gets some face time.

Building Trust and Good Vibes: Planning time with our team shows we care about their thoughts and feelings. It is all about creating a vibe of trust and respect, which is the heart of a great team.

Making the Switch to Scheduling

Are you thinking about ditching the open door for a calendar? 

Here is how to make it smooth:

Check-in Like a Pro: Set up regular times to catch up one-on-one or with the whole team. It could be weekly, every other week—whatever works for your squad.

Keep Some “Open Hours”: You can still have times when you are up for drop-ins. It is like having a mixtape of both worlds.

Tech to the Rescue: Use those scheduling tools to make booking time a breeze. The goal is to make it easy for everyone.

Come Prepared: Encourage your team to think about what they want to discuss beforehand. This will make every minute of your meeting count.

Switching from an “always open” to a “let us plan it” approach is like upgrading to leadership 2.0. It is all about making our time together count, being fully there for each other, and building a tight-knit team on the ball. So, let us embrace those calendars and make every chat one that moves us forward. 

After all, good vibes and excellent teamwork are what we are all about.

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