The Cult Branding Company Launches New Marketing Courses Offering Top Business Advice for Professional Marketers and Small Business Owners

Orlando, FL (PRWEB)

Savvy marketers from major retail brands and small business owners alike are in constant need of new ideas and methods for attracting customers and building brand loyalty. There are always better go-to-market strategies available and new practices for improving business metrics.

The Cult Branding Company, a brand loyalty research firm, just unveiled Marketing Courses for executives and entrepreneurs. The Cult Branding Company is the brainchild of BJ Bueno, marketing strategist, brand loyalty expert, and author of “The Power of Cult Branding” (Crown Business) and “Customers First” (McGraw-Hill).

For over a decade, Bueno has been educating the marketing community on innovative methods for generating consumer insights, building brand loyalty, and formulating effective go-to-market strategies. His online Marketing Courses offers top business advice for professional marketers and independent business owners, sharing the knowledge and insights used by leading brands like Apple, Harley-Davidson, IKEA, Southwest Airlines,, and

“When I saw the information Bueno was offering in his marketing courses, I got a shiver up my back,” explained David Ratner, owner of the retail chain Dave’s Soda and Pet City in Massachusetts. “What if my competitors read this and follow BJ’s advice? I don’t care what size business you run, you could and should follow the guidance of his courses. As I went through the material, I kept thinking of ways to get my customers to tell me how to improve.”

Bueno’s Marketing Courses provide timely professional training to help marketers learn how to attract more profitable customers, differentiate a brand from its competitors, and cultivate legions of loyal customers that love a brand.

“Our firm’s time is invested in serving our larger clients,” Bueno explains, “but we wanted to be able to support other marketers and small business owners in their efforts to grow their businesses. We designed our Marketing Courses specifically for marketers and entrepreneurs looking for new ideas and ways of building brand loyalty.”

Each Marketing Course offered by The Cult Branding Company can be completed within four hours and can be accessed from any computer or tablet.

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