CocaCola’s Executive Luncheon

A few years back, I had the honor of being the keynote speaker at The Coca-Cola Company- executive luncheon. It was about unveiling a fun-fizzed campaign we brewed for 7-Eleven, shining the spotlight on the iconic Slurpee.

Amidst a crowded frozen drink scene, Slurpee stood out as a sip of spontaneous fun.

Our campaign idea?

Every slurp invites you to a world of spontaneity.

We dipped into the essence of Cult Branding, selling not just a drink but a lifestyle of spontaneous joy.

Echoing Jimmy Buffet’s mantra, we stirred fun into the brand narrative, making Slurpee not just a drink but a ticket to spontaneity.

Engaging with Coca-Cola’s visionaries, we explored how brands could blend with lifestyle, making every product a gateway to a fun-filled narrative.

The Slurpee brand is about spontaneous joy, reminding us that when a brand endorses a lifestyle, it resonates with like-minded individuals, and that’s how you start speaking to the heart of your most valuable customer.

Your brand lover.

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