Announcing Our Winter Marketing Seminar


It’s all too easy for retail marketers to focus exclusively on generating the next transaction. But savvy marketers understand that there’s a more powerful way of growing market share and competing effectively in the retail jungle: build brand loyalty.

Building brand loyalty doesn’t happen by accident. Brands that are successful at creating loyal customers respect their patrons as human beings. They learn to relate to their customers—to connect with them at an emotional level.

In order to connect with your customers at an emotional level, you need to gain insights into their motivations and tensions. Only then can you create an actionable plan to begin building brand loyalty.

An Intimate Marketing Seminar for Brand Builders

For anyone interested, I’m holding a marketing seminar on how to build brand loyalty in Orlando, Florida on December 6th. We’ll be discussing how to build strong emotional bonds with your customers and how to increase customer retention. Learning the true drivers of loyalty provides consumer insights that you can use to develop powerful marketing strategies.

Learn more about this marketing seminar and sign up here.

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