☣️Worker’s Mental Health and Wellbeing: A Call to Action for Leaders

The 2024 Gallup State of the Global Workplace report is in, and it highlights a pressing issue: 

Widespread burnout. 

This problem is not just personal. It is affecting entire organizations.

Key Findings

Rising Stress Levels: Over the past decade, stress, sadness, anxiety, anger, and worry among employees have surged to their highest levels since Gallup began its surveys.

Stagnant Engagement: In 2023, global employee engagement stagnated, while overall wellbeing declined.

Loneliness Epidemic: 20% of employees experience loneliness daily.

Younger Employees Struggling: Well-being among younger employees declined in 2023.

Managers Under Pressure: Managers face more negative daily experiences than non-managers and are more likely to be job hunting.

Productivity, innovation, creativity, and collaboration in your workplace will suffer unless you address mental health and well-being.

The Good News

We can turn this around! 

The report shows that when companies prioritize employee well-being, everyone benefits. 

Let us make it happen.

Boost Workplace Wellness (and Improve Business Outcomes).

Champion a Healthy Work-Life Balance: Protect your team’s time and energy by setting realistic workloads and making thoughtful decisions about meetings, information flow, and decision-making. Streamline workflows to focus on quality and efficiency.

Codify Sustainable Work Practices: Offer flexible hours, remote work options, and mental health resources. Model unplugging after hours and taking full vacation days. Encourage your team to do the same without shame or undue pressure.

Embrace Genuine Connection: Hold regular check-ins to get to know your people, not just their work. Provide growth opportunities, experiences, and perks that matter to them.

Support Your Front-Line Managers: Employees feel more connected and motivated when managers are engaged. Increasing the number of engaged employees boosts organizational outcomes.

Have More Ideas?

Want to share additional ideas to boost employee engagement and workplace wellness? 

I would love to hear from you! 

Let us collaborate to create a healthier, more productive workplace.

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