Seven Golden Rules of Cult Branding

 Why do people love this brand? Why are they so loyal to it? What does this brand mean to them? Why? Why? Why!

An interesting thing starts happening after you’ve asked a lot of questions for a long enough period of time. Not only do you start getting some really good answers, but you begin to see patterns and similarities between the responses that you receive.

This was exactly what happened in the dozens of interviews conducted. Clear patterns emerged. Although each of the nine brands was clearly different, their individual formulas for Cult-Branding success shared many of the same core ingredients.

These seven points won’t tell you everything there is to know about Cult Branding, but they will give you a nice overview and practical framework to utilize in your own marketing endeavors. Think of this list as your indispensable “Cult Branding Cliff Notes.” Here they are. Read them. Use them!

#1 – The Rule of Social Groups
Consumers want to be part of a group that’s different.

#2 – The Rule of Courage
Cult-Brand inventors show daring and determination.

#3 – The Rule of Fun
Cult Brands sell lifestyles.

#4 – The Rule of Human Needs
Listen to the choir and create Cult-Brand evangelists.

#5 – The Rule of Contribution
Cult Brands always create customer communities.

#6 – The Rule of Openness
Cult Brands are inclusive.

#7 – The Rule of Freedom
Cult Brands promote personal freedom and draw power from their enemies.

Learn more about each of the The Seven Rules of Cult Brands.

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