Make 2017 Your Best Leadership Year


THE BIG IDEA: To do this, examine what values have guided you, how your leadership role has evolved and how you have shaped the workplace culture.

I recently attended Sir Richard Branson keynote at this year’s NRF’s Big Show. After the keynote, Marcus Thornton, VP of MARKETING for Scheels, and I reflected on how important values are for organizations to thrive. Most CEO’s including Richard express great leadership starts by reflecting on what matters most. Our continued role is to keep our teams collaborating, but we all know that keeping teams working together and harmoniously can be a challenge for even the best leaders.

Reflecting on mistakes and victories of the past twelve months can help you have a productive and prosperous new year. Here are three compelling questions that will help you dig for insights:

How has your leadership role evolved?

Change is constant. Understanding the ways in which your organization and team are changing can inform you. Remember, leadership is an organic, dynamic state of being, and you are in a constant process of becoming better at it by adjusting to the needs of your team and the organization while growing your capabilities.

What are the most important values that you’ve relied on during the past year?

Values are your leadership compass; without them, it’s easy for the entire team to get off course.

Have you created a culture where people can flourish?

It’s staggering to think about the amount of time the people on your team will spend at work. It’s more than 85,000 hours across the lifetime of any individual. If those times are meaningful, it will drive discretionary effort, so make sure the environment you create at work is one in which the people on your team can thrive.

Try spending time reflecting on these questions. Some of your insights will delight and guide you in the months to come.

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