Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

THE BIG IDEA: An optimistic, non-zero-sum approach is a smart way to avoid turf wars, fuel workplace collaboration, and unite teams around common solutions.


Leaders should start embracing optimism which claims that every glass is at least half-full, and there’s plenty to go around, abundance thinkers understand that with the victory — measured by their ability to work together and support each other — comes the spoils.

Here are seven strategies to get you started:

Brainstorm a list of benefits. For many, abundance thinking is foreign. For leaders to rewrite their people’s thinking, they must list the many benefits of an optimistic mindset. Try holding a brainstorm with your leadership team where you spend time thinking about ways you can take advantage of a more positive workplace.

Recognize and reward those who are inclusive. Leaders should note examples of abundance thinking and action in the workplace and shine attention on them. If they can reinforce such actions with some form of reward, all the better.

Create opportunities for idea sharing. Give people a chance to provide input and wrap their heads around issues. Emphasize how good ideas from one will benefit the entire group and possibly more.

Remind yourself that there is more than enough. When considering options and making decisions, place a reminder squarely in front of you to ensure that you are mindful of abundance when it matters most.

Hire Optimistic People. As with other job-related qualifications, leaders should look for evidence of positive mindset when hiring new personnel. Certainly, it is a good quality for team leaders to possess.

Thinking Slow. Spend less time just doing, and more time in reflection, this will offer you a deeper perspective and slow things down a bit. The result will typically be bigger picture thinking.

Give more of what you want. One of the best ways to increase your abundance is to give. People appreciate the generosity and often find ways to give back.

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