Giving Customers a Reason to Choose You

Malcolm Gladwell tells a famous story about Howard Moskowitz, the food scientist who discovered for Prego that what customers wanted was a chunky spaghetti sauce. Armed with this information, Prego introduced a chunky sauce and had some of its most profitable years ever. Part of the reason Moskowitz was so successful in his research was that he was willing to question everything. No variable was fixed. Everything that could be questioned would be questioned.

It was this process—an early analog to the process we call Brand Modeling—that revealed the unexploited growth opportunities available to Prego. Bringing that same approach to your brand means objectively analyzing every aspect of a brand’s performance to identify what messaging is being shared with the customer, and assess the effectiveness of that messaging. Couple this with an insightful statistical analysis of customer behavioral patterns thought processes, and beliefs, and the result is a revelation of the operational changes you can make to attract better and satisfy your customers. Remembering that is the key to humanistic marketing and successful brand building.

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