MINI Mania Across the States

Monterey, California. It’s early morning. Hundreds of MINI’s line up. It’s not a new shipment of cars; in fact some of these MINI’s have driven from as far as Florida.

Why are all these MINI’s gathered? For one of the biggest events in motoring history: MINI Takes the States.

Starting in California and ending in Lakeville, Connecticut, this 4,000 miles road trip was the perfect way to celebrate everything MINI. Hundreds of MINI owners gathered for this historic trip and joined the rally across the states, an annual event inaugurated in 2006.

Great Cult brands create customer communities. MINI Takes The States was held to celebrate MINI’s vibrant community. “MINI owners always bring an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and energy to whatever they do, and I am excited to spend two weeks on the road with them. I encourage everyone, MINI owner or not, to keep an eye out for us in August and join in the fun for a day, a week, or even the full trip.” Jim McDowell, VP of MINI USA.

From the start of this historic journey MINI enthusiasts took every opportunity to have fun. MINI began the party with live music and a drive on Monterey Beach. With events such as MINI Music Festival in Tennessee, Tail gaiting parties, a carnival in New Jersey and a victory lap at the Lime rock racetrack, MINI showcased why they are masters at the golden rule of fun.

MINI is a lot more than a car—it’s a lifestyle. From a couple tying the knot to a husband paying tribute to his late wife, MINI owners became more than just friends, they became family. Over 3,000 registered participants from across the states traveled cross-country to celebrate the motoring lifestyle.

In each city MINI handed out rewards for several categories of enthusiasts. In Boston, Sandy Bouchieer won theI’m Not Afraid to be Noticed Award, for driving her ladybug spotted MINI all the way from Wyoming. The Tallest Person, Little MINI Award went to David Quesenberry who towered in at 6’5”. The Best Vanity Plate Award went to Shannon Polce, whose plate, MINIMZE, pretty much says it all.

MINI’s fun aspect goes way beyond the car. With events like MINI Takes The States and by constantly rewarding the community, it is easy to see why MINI and the people who drive them have a special relationship.

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