iPhone Deja vu

Ads proclaim, “The iPhone killer is here!” People are lining up,, eagerly waiting to be the first with the coolest new phone in the world. It sounds like déjà vu. This time, however, it’s not just happening in the US; it’s happening all around the world—and at the same time.

What product launch can be so big to get people in 21 countries to camp outside of their favorite store? Apples re-launch of the iPhone, of course.

With Apple’s launch of the 3G iPhone, the company is making their powerful brand even more accessible to the entire world. Apple’s worldwide success is not a coincidence; their brand stays true to itself across all of its touch points. With the iPhone’s 3G capabilities, multiple language keyboards, an exchange program that promises to be easy for all to use, and a beautiful design, it is no surprise that Apple is getting the same reaction as they always do.

New Zealand

The phone first went on sale in New Zealand where hundreds of people lined up outside stores in the country’s main cities to snap it up right at midnight (8 a.m. Thursday on the East coast ).


iPhone fever was strong, More than 1,000 people lined up at the Softbank Corp. store in Tokyo. The phone quickly sold out. Although Japan has phones that provide significantly greater functionality than the iPhone, people still gravitated to the iPhone’s magical allure.

“Just look at this obviously innovative design,” Yuki Kurita, age 23, said as he emerged from buying his iPhone, carrying bags of clothing and a skateboard he had used as a chair during his wait outside the Tokyo store. ”I am so thrilled just thinking about how I get to touch this.”

US: New York

Enthusiasm was running high in anticipation for the 8 a.m. launch of the new phone with a line numbering in the hundreds encircled the block at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store.

Apple learned a lot from their experience with the iPod and its dominance in the mp3 market. They are taking the same approach with the iPhone and making it the only real choice in the phone market. “The iPhone is just a superior user experience,” said Alex Cavallo, age 24, lined up at the Fifth Avenue store.

Apple has become a master at building anticipation and delivering killer products. This new release of the iPhone not only catered to those who didn’t have an iPhone but also for those who already have one. With the release of third party applications even the 1st Generation iPhone users have new toys to play with.

It’s not Déjà vu, and it certainly is not a coincidence. Apple announced after the first weekend that 1 million iPhone 3G devices have been sold, with earnings being reported at around $350 million in the first weekend. Apple continues to dominate their markets because they continue to provide their customers with unique products and experiences that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

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