Be Like Voltron

Nothing great was ever built by a single person.

Change only happens when a group is involved. And, a group can only function when everybody is on the same page.

As a kid, one of my favorite TV shows was Voltron: a group of pilots operated robotic lions that could combine to form the larger, powerful robot Voltron.

Great businesses are a lot like Voltron: different parts come together and function better and accomplish more than any individual unit could.

And, that begins with a shared, ambitious, and actionable vision.

But, most businesses operate where different groups function well on their own, but the business doesn’t function optimally as a whole because different groups often have different goals. It’s like if each of the pilot’s running Voltron’s legs wanted to go in different directions: they might eventually get somewhere but it’ll be clumsy and inefficient.

Be like Voltron: bring people together by creating something everyone believes in.

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