Build Audiences, Not Megaphones

Your new product or service is great. You want to tell people. Why not shout it as loudly as you can to as many many people as you can?

Because, until you have an audience, you have to work exponentially harder to make your message matter. This means more time, more money, and more resources.

An audience gives you their attention, instead of you having to capture it.

Attention is given, not purchased. Yet, that’s just what many businesses do: throw ad dollars at a problem to try and increase awareness and intent to purchase.

Instead of trying to grab attention, make your customers realize that you’re worthy of their attention. This isn’t something that can happen overnight, but it is something you can build towards, rather than just hoping it will eventually happen.

Building an audience starts with consistently helping people solve meaningful problems—small or large—in their lives. And, it is strengthened by building brand communities—a co-authored experience between you and your customers.

Are you solving meaningful problems? Are you helping build brand communities?

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